“Who are those women behind the masks?”

As downsizing specialists, most of our clients are over age 55 and in a higher risk category.  Our safety measures must be extra careful to ensure we maintain our good health and the health of our clients.  And so, our masks have become part of our uniform along with our blue shirts and aprons!


All movers, junk haulers, or other contractors we recommend will wear masks in our client’s homes.  We also ask our clients to don a mask so we may protect them and to keep us healthy.  Although wearing a mask feels less personal to us (We still find it hard to determine if a masked person is smiling at us!), it is the best way we know to show we care.


How else has COVID changed the downsizing business?  

Dispersal of Unwanted Items

With more people staying close to home, donation centers have become overwhelmed with families attempting to clean out and organize their homes.  Many donation centers are limiting the number of items accepted or turning away donations to avoid a backlog of items in their resale centers. We closely monitor what local charities will take and adjust as needed.

Auction houses are restricted in how many buyers may enter their establishments and now have turned to virtual auctions to allow more people to see the many fine products they have to offer.  Junk haulers are swamped with clean out requests and may require additional time to help dispose of the items that may need removed from the home.  We have worked with our auctioneers and junk haulers for years and know the most efficient way to help our clients achieve their rightsizing goals.  


We work with many realtors across the South Shore to declutter and stage homes for the market, using your furniture and budget friendly resources.   We stage a house to fit the home’s character, not using a cookie-cutter approach and focus on creating camera appeal for each room, knowing now more than ever, prospective buyers determine a great deal from pictures and videos.

When it’s time to move, we pack with the thought of unpacking…utilizing techniques to make settling into a new home much easier. Our packing teams will also be the same team to unpack, minimizing the number of people in contact with the client.  Our favorite part of the job? Having our clients walk into their new home once we have done our magic, making all the moving boxes disappear and putting away all the contents.  

We are here to help

We are doing all we can to keep our clients safe.  With a little bit of extra planning and some additional safety precautions, together we can make your transition happen. For those of you whom we have worked with over the years, we appreciate your referrals and partnership.   We service the Boston area, South Shore and Lower Cape and our first consult is complimentary.    

In the meantime, if you see two masked women wearing matching blue shirts, give us a wave and a smile, and know we will be smiling at you too!