All the Right Moves provides senior relocation, downsizing and aging in place services to seniors, empty nesters, adult children of parents who need help with a transition, and realtors on Boston’s South Shore and beyond.

So, How Can We Help You Today?

Plan Your Move

Help Me Get Ready to Move

Make Your Move

Help Me Get Settled in My New Home

Don’t Move

Help Me Adapt my Home to Age in Place

Plan Your Move

Help Before You Move
Have you been living in the same home for 20, 30 or 50 years — a home filled with a lifetime of memories? Don’t know where to begin when it comes to the moving process?

We offer a free consultation to outline our services and to gain an understanding of your needs.

Our Move Planning Services include:
  • Helping you find a real estate agent
  • Staging your home for sale
  • Creating an inventory identifying items to keep, sell, donate or dispose
  • Creating a digital catalog of possessions
  • Selecting, coordinating and managing resources for appraisals, auctions, charities, etc
  • Identifying and managing movers and storage providers
  • Reviewing the floor plan of your new home to assist you in determining what furniture and other pieces will fit in your new space
  • Coordinating your change of address and utilities

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Make Your Move

Help At Your New Home

After developing a personalized move plan and timeline, we insure your move is seamless and stress-free. We understand the emotional and physical challenges of a change. Your home and its contents are not just “stuff,” but a lifetime of collected memories. We bring calm, compassion and efficiency to your move or transition. We will help you settle in to make your new house truly feel like your new home.

Our Move Day and New Home Preparation services include:
  • On-site coordination and management of move
  • Unpack moved items and organize home
  • Provide guidance for design elements and renovations
  • Assist with suggestions and hiring of local contractors

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Don't Move

Adapt your Nest to Age in Place

Not looking to move, just want to spruce up a bit? Our personal needs change as we mature. Let us help you customize your home to your current lifestyle.

Our custom Age in Place services include:
  • Removing excess furniture and general decluttering for safety and ease of movement
  • Moving master bedroom to first floor
  • Creating more accessible storage

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