Local events of interest

1.) Read a good book you’ve been meaning to read…check out New York Times bestseller’s list for inspiration

2.) Cook your favorite meal… It doesn’t hurt to treat yourself to your favorite dessert too!

3.) Call or FaceTime friends and family

4.) Do a puzzle…challenge yourself with 1,000 pieces!

5.) Get organizing! Organize kitchen cabinets, dresser drawers, and so on.

6.) Look through old photos and maybe turn them into a scrapbook.

7.) Watch a good movie…have you seen all of this year’s Oscar winning films?

8.) Get moving (if you can) and go for a walk…even if that’s in your home!

9.) Play Games with family members or if you are by yourself try crossword puzzles, sudoko, or so on.

10.) Do some art, whether that’s painting or drawing…. you don’t have to be artistic to enjoy!