Let’s face it; the winter months are challenging in terms of motivating ourselves to do downsizing projects around the house. It’s so much nicer to curl up with a warm throw and a good book or binge a little on Netflix.  The winter months seem to take an extra bit of motivation for most of us to be productive. Well, I believe I may have that bit of encouragement you need. I call it Downsizing for a Difference. 

Moving into 2021, our country is facing a difficult economic situation.  There are some ways in which we can all help those in need, while simultaneously accomplishing some downsizing projects.  Here are some simple ideas:

How to Downsize for a Difference

  1. Sort through your pantry.  Are there staple items like soups, pasta, brownie mixes that you may have too many of?  How about paper products, pet foods, personal care items, or cleaning supplies?  Food pantries are desperate for any donations you might have as long as they have not passed expiration and are unopened.
  2. Sort through your office supplies.  Paper products, pens, staplers, folders can be donated to local charitable organizations to help children who are learning virtually and who may be struggling to afford the cost of new school supplies. You may even have a working printer, desk, and chair that would be invaluable to a young student or parent now working from home.
  3. Check your closets for cold-weather items such as coats, hats, mittens, sweaters, boots, and blankets. Most of us have way more of these than we could ever use.  
  4. And finally, do you have games, puzzles, snowshoes, or maybe even a sled, that you are no longer using?  These items will help many families get through the long winter months.   

Your downsizing efforts will help you part with items you no longer need or want while helping another family in your community.  Please feel free to share any other ideas you might have and how we can all spread the Downsizing for a Difference message.