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What to do with Paperwork when Preparing for Your Move

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I must admit, office paperwork is my least favorite downsizing project.  Reams of paper, endless folders, dust.  The home office is often the most time-consuming area to tackle for any of my clients.  Here are some things I have learned.  We all hang onto more paper than we need.  Whether it's receipts, outdated user manuals, or bank statements from 1963, much of what lives in our office should be [...]

Taking Advantage of Treasured Household Items

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How many of you have a beautiful 12 piece place setting of china, crystal, and/or flatware that sits unused in your china buffet?  How many of you have more than one of the aforementioned collections?  Most of the clients I work with on downsizing have multiple china and glassware sets (one from their wedding, one from a relative) that are brought out once a year (maybe).  Inevitably the [...]

The Women Behind the Masks

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“Who are those women behind the masks?”As downsizing specialists, most of our clients are over age 55 and in a higher risk category.  Our safety measures must be extra careful to ensure we maintain our good health and the health of our clients.  And so, our masks have become part of our uniform along with our blue shirts and aprons!PrecautionsAll movers, junk haulers, or other contractors we recommend [...]

“Caring for Aging Parents: Helping Your Loved Ones Declutter with Intention”

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Don’t miss the recent Redfin article we were featured in: "Caring for Aging Parents: Helping Your Loved OnescDeclutter with Intention". Throughout our lifetime, we accumulate belongings that we may no longer use in our everyday lives and not realize our home is in disarray before it’s too late. Let’s face it, it’s easy to hold on to items we think we might need one day in the future. It may [...]

Downsizing for a Difference

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Let’s face it; the winter months are challenging in terms of motivating ourselves to do downsizing projects around the house. It’s so much nicer to curl up with a warm throw and a good book or binge a little on Netflix.  The winter months seem to take an extra bit of motivation for most of us to be productive. Well, I believe I may have that bit of [...]

Downsizing the forgotten Items

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Everyone has an area of his/her home that contains clutter.  If you are like most people we work with, almost every room needs a good decluttering (including our own homes!!!!).  It is very hard to stay on top of every space in your life; most of us work to keep our homes functional and safe.  Chances are if items are tucked away, we don’t feel the need to [...]

What is the rush to downsize?

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When acquaintances ask me what I do for work, they are always fascinated to hear I am a professional downsizer.  They often say “Wow!  I wish I had known about your services for my Mom/Dad or for myself!”  The stories then arise about taking too much stuff, not knowing what to do with sentimental items, how to tell if something they no longer wanted had value, or where [...]

The downsizing time zapper; your photos

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Without fail there is one category of downsizing that never fails to overwhelm my clients; sorting photos.  Honestly, is there anything more time-consuming or overwhelming than a lifetime of photos?  Frequently I suggest to my clients who are moving to “bite the bullet and box them up to move” because of the sheer number of hours it takes to sort them. If you are not ready to downsize [...]

Storing My Stuff

By |May 21, 2020|Categories: Downsizing, Organizing|

Storing My StuffA little over a year ago I wrote an article on storage units and the American addiction to them.  There are over 52,000 storage facilities across our country; one in six American families has one.There are lots of good reasons to have a storage unit; you may need a temporary holding place while you sell your home or a place to store college-age children’s dorm belongings [...]

Keeping Seniors Safe and Connected

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I guess most of us can say we never thought we would be spending a good portion of Spring 2020 sheltering in place.  For those of us who are lucky enough to have our loved ones at home with us and to have at least one member of our household working, the stay at home order has given us time to cook, enjoy family dinners, board games and [...]

The Emergency Move

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Time after time it happens; I get a call from an adult child with an emergency move for a parent who has fallen or otherwise developed a health concern that prohibits the parent from living safely at home. As the owner of a Senior Move Management and Downsizing Company, I quickly send in a team to pack up belongings and create a new home.  My crew of compassionate [...]

Linden Ponds Residents Embracing National Tech Trends

By |September 28, 2019|Categories: Older Adult Living|

Local news site, the Hingham Patch, just released an interesting piece on residents at the retirement community, Linden Ponds, and how technology has been a huge part of their resident's experience. Read the full article here.

Becoming an Empty Nester

By |September 28, 2019|Categories: Downsizing, Organizing|

  A few weeks ago my youngest children headed off to college.  After 26 years of sharing a home with four kids, my husband and I will officially became empty nesters and I believe it is time to declutter my space.   Although I am a professional downsizer, it can still feel overwhelming to sort through what is left in my home. Here are some conclusions I have [...]

Declutter your Space to Fit your Vision

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  Last week I helped a client begin the process of redecorating and decluttering her family room.  She is an empty nester who would like to update and declutter her home.  This client knows she and her husband would like to stay in their current home until they are no longer physically able to do so.  We walked through the space she wanted to tackle and talked a [...]

Downsizing Basics: Surround Yourself with Things You Love

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As we age, most of us strive to encircle ourselves with people who enrich our lives. These friends and family members are part of the pages of the story of our lives. They are part of many wonderful memories as they spur us to think, to laugh and to love. Most of us try to shed the friends and acquaintances who drag us down or question our joy. [...]


By |November 22, 2017|Categories: Downsizing, Older Adult Living|

Remember that great Aretha Franklin song about Respect?  It's a "feel good" tune.  Maybe it's the song and maybe it’s just the idea of respect that gives the listener a feeling of power.  We all love it when people address us respectfully, have respect for our opinions.  We harp at our kids to make sure they are respectful of us, their teachers and coaches.  And yet, as our [...]

Not Everyone Can Be Marie Kondo

By |March 31, 2016|Categories: Downsizing, Organizing|

When I meet most people and they hear what I do, the typical first response is “Wow.  I sure could use you to clean up my house!”  This is usually followed by a hearty laugh and a comment that may vary, but pretty much involves a claim that she is a hoarder with a conviction that the town where she lives will most certainly call the Board of [...]